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Karaoke Tracks for Onam with eeNam 2011

Its very happy to know that our songs are performed on various stages.We do get email requests to share the karaoke tracks for our songs.This time we are publishing the karaoke tracks which would enable any musician to use it for their programs. Thanks again for your wonderful support and do enjoy share our tracks and songs..!



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Anjanakkannezhuthi-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 7.26 MB
Aavanippularithan-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 8.4 MB
Chingappookkalavarnnam-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 7.49 MB
Ormayiladhyathe-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 5.53 MB
Poovani-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 6.8 MB
PoovePoli-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 7 MB
Tathakkilichundan-OnamwitheeNam2011-Karaoke.mp3 6.07 MB
OWEKaraoke-Tracks2011.jpg 29.95 KB




All songs are nice with beautiful lyrics and music. Congrats to all team members!
I would like to get the karaoke of the song Onnaam malayude. I liked the lyrics and the raga which is used to express the meaning of the lyrics and the wonderful rendering of the song.

Thanks in advance

Can u let me know if the

Can u let me know if the karaoke for the onam song : 'Manassinullil Oronam' is available somewhere. Thanks for your help.


karokkayude oppam soge kudi venam
27 nu onam programil oru song padananu

plese pose karaok and same song liric

sogs kuudi tharu




i heard the karaokes which is wonderful. i would like to include these songs in our onam program which is conducting on 5th Oct. @ ras al khaimah, UAE. pls let me know where i can find the original songs.


Download the original songs

Download the original songs from here.

Excellent Songs

Excellent Songs. I would like to sing this for onam celebrations. Can I get the karoke for "Onnam malayude marathaka viriyil"

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