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Ormakal veendumunarthi


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K C Geetha
Rajesh Raman

OrmakaL veenTumuNarthi vannEthunnu
thEroli kELkkunnu maavEli mannante
thEnolippaattinte sheelukaLil

pookkaLamezhuthuvaan pularikaLil
poothETiyannu naam pOyathillE
poompaatta than parirambhaNathaal
puthu malar NanichathOrmmayillE
paathi viTarnnoru poovaay njaan
neeyoru shalabhamY

kaathu kinaavukaLithu vareyum
kaathorthu nin viLi kElkkuvaanaay
poonkaattu than kuLir


hridhyam ee ganam

ee onathinnu eikku kittiya ettavum nalla gift........thanks for all eenam team.......geetha yudey lyricsintey bangi kondum, rajesh ramantey composing stylum,shyala radha krishnantey anugrathitha shabdhavum othu chernappol 2009 ley.....eetavum mikacha oru ganam aanu piraviyeduthethu ....any way ellavarkum entey onam ashamsakal..


cilash k menon

uniited arab emirates

keeep your voice high becuace

keeep your voice high becuace it is so good you sung well

Hi Shyla, you too sung very

Hi Shyla, you too sung very well like Divya
The lyrics and composing are superb. i like melodies.
Never ever go for ADIPOLY. eenam should give something special to your audience. You should make an identity.
Therefore please always go for meaningful lyrics & melodious music. This song took me back home..a nostalgia feeling. Lots of memories came across my heart....I missed many things in my life...and still missing..

So I wrote this Poem. (MISSING YOU)

Living alone without you
Like an empty home live in….
The empty home too cold to live in
How much I want you in my home

Passing nights and days without you
It’s hard living alone while you away
Like an empty home live in
It’s so cold to live in without you………

Every time you go away
You take a piece of my heart
Missing you so long is hard to live in
and become lonely at home ….

The home become the cemetery of evil
The ghost and its spirits are my friends
The odds and darkness are my companion
My days are sleepless and miserable

The candles of lights went off
I fear the darkness but it’s joy to the evils
Life is dead… evil spirit is the living truth…
My home become a cemetery…cemetery of ghost

Your disappearance thrown me to darkness
I scream for life in this desert..
All the sweet dream vanished off suddenly
But full of nightmare instead….

I scream for help but you are far to hear
It’s too hard keep missing you long
keeping away from you …is a nightmare
This is not an ideal thing to do forever

Do you know how much I missed you
how much I needed you…..
I feel secure when I am with you…
I want to be with you all the time…but missing you..
Missing you………..

Prasad NADA
Saudi Arabia

Hi Prasad, Feel very happy

Hi Prasad, Feel very happy that you liked this song.
Much more happy that this song could kindle the sparks of memories and could awaken the dormant writing talents in you. Make a try in Malayalam also.


Hi Geetha,

Hi Geetha
its so nice to see your respose to my comments. I didn't expect that you would reply. It was a nice song you wrote...very good lyrics... meaningful ...keep writing.

Yes, many of my friends also told me to write in Malayalam. I am not good in Malayalam like I struggle in english.
I am not perfect in both languages. I had sent an other peom (BROKEN HEART) of mine to Mr. Kiran to see the possibilities to include it in their english album (If they are planning). He had replied and said to me that he would look into the matter.

I would like to discuss more about my peoms with you. We will talk more about this subject. Please send a mail to my emai ID:

Thank you for your reply once again

Prasad NADA
email ID:

Good singing

Rajesh and shyla : good work. Rajesh - did you arrange this yourself ? What softwares did you use ? May be you can sen me an email sometime.

- Murali Venkatraman

shyla, ur voice is good! very

shyla, ur voice is good! very nostalgic song n ur voice merges with the feel. congrats and all the best for the upcoming projects!


song is superb........ur voice so................nice.......


Ormakal veendumunarthi...

Nalla Varikal...Nalla Eenam....Valare nalla Layavum Sabdavum..
ellamkondum nalla oru onasammanam....Thudakkam vashyam mrudalam manoharam..Iniyum Thudaran pratharna nirbharam..
Krishna kumar ,BSNL, with Athira..

Wonderful song & voice

It is superb. Let God gives U many wonderful songs to sing.

Indira Sajeev


Amazing composition. Right blend of keralite percussion gives that required feel. Very nice singing. Mix is amazing.

Keep it up!

- Balamurali Balu


Amazing composition. Right blend of keralite percussion gives that required feel. Very nice singing. Mix is amazing.

Keep it up!

wonderful song

Good efford.. keep going

Prasad from Saudi

mridulam manoharam

Grihathuramunarthunnna ormakalilekku nammale mridulamayi shanthamayi nayichukondupoyi ee onapattu. BEST WISHES FOR THE FORTHCOMING VENTURES. Sasi BSNL Palakkad.....


shyla.... very nice voice and superb da...... Best of luck for ur new ventures....


shailayude OOnappattukal

paalpaayasathinde madhuram!
panchavaadyathinde gaambheeryam!
venu naadathinde layamaadhuryam!

Shailayude thudakkam athi manoharam!!


shyla chechi's song

chechi, it was simply awesome.expecting many more such ventures from you.




It is superb.....keep it up

Amazing !!!

Shyla has got a sweet voice...I love this song... Wish her all the best to become a succesfull singer in future !!

Shyla has a very soothing

Shyla has a very soothing voice. I think this is my fav song! Very well sung :)


Rashmi Nair