Dr.Mahesh Rajagopal | ഡോ.മഹേഷ്‌ രാജഗോപാൽ

Hailing from Kavalam in Kuttanad (Alappuzha Dt), most of the musical life was spent in Cochin and Calicut under renowned and auspicious gurus. Started musical training in Carnatic music since the age of 9 years and has always loved to sing with life and vigour. Passion in singing led to regular singing in various regional television channels and winning numerous national and state competitions in Kerala, India and in the UK. Dr Mahesh has been the winner of Europe talent contest several times, held in London, UK.
Blessed with a musical trend in family, the support & encouragement has been immense from Mother (Thankamani), Father (T.G.Rajagopal), Brother (Dr Manoj Rajagopal)& family, Wife and friends. Presently he is settled in London with his wife Aarathi Mahesh and 2 yr old daughter Nivedita Mahesh.